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With more than 200 research, service and education centers, bureaus and institutes, UF is dedicated to having a better impact through better research. Together, our focus is on improving lives. Not just in the lab or in theory, but in real life. We’re working together to bring better technology to more people. Our Clinical and Translational Science Institute is speeding the transformation of scientific discoveries into medical advances for patients. Advances like Trusopt, a leading treatment for glaucoma, are reaching patients sooner for a greater impact.



Our centers and institutes aren’t just creating new technologies; we’re creating new jobs. Over 100,000 a year, in fact. And our Emerging Pathogens Institute, aside from ensuring the safety of most of our imported food, is vigilant in helping to protect the nation from a whole host of diseases and pathogens. No matter where you look, we’re working together for a greater purpose, forever extending the reach of The Gator Nation and the lives of people everywhere.


College of Medicine

Dr. Glenn Morris assumed the position of Director of the Emerging Pathogens Institute in August 2007. He is also a professor of infectious diseases in the UF College of Medicine. Dr. Morris has worked in public health and pathogen related fields for more than 30 years. At EPI, he has helped to shape the creative vision behind a web of campuswide projects to anticipate, understand and control the emergence of new, disease-causing microorganisms. In his spare time, Dr. Morris enjoys gardening.



Whitney Laboratory and McKnight Brain Institute

When UF neurobiologist Leonid Moroz takes his boat, the Ship-Seq, out to sea, his prey is information, not marlin. The Ship-Seq is equipped with a gene-sequencing lab that enables him to perform on-board analysis of DNA and RNA from zooplankton and jellyfish. He recently was awarded a four-year grant award from the National Science Foundation to fund his research.




Is there a better place to study water than Florida? One person qualified to answer that question is Wendy D. Graham. She is the Carl S. Swisher Eminent Scholar in Water Resources in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Director of the University of Florida Water Institute. She has served as Principle Investigator or co-PI on more than $11 million in grants and contracts and has supervised 30 doctoral and master’s thesis committees, earning numerous honors and awards in the process.



College of Medicine

Dr. Glenn Morris assumed the position of Director of the Emerging Pathogens Institute in August 2007. He is also a professor of infectious diseases in the UF College of Medicine. Dr. Morris has worked in public health and pathogen related fields for more than 30 years. At EPI, he has helped to shape the creative vision behind a web of campuswide projects to anticipate, understand and control the emergence of new, disease-causing microorganisms. In his spare time, Dr. Morris enjoys gardening.

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